I asked Chatsonic to write poems about media hypocrisy. Here’s what I got. #ChatGPT

Poem about double standards in the mainstream media
The mainstream media, so wise and grand,
Shows us a double standard that’s hard to stand.
On one side, women are painted in a light,
That’s often objectified, judged and not right. 

The other side, men are held in much higher regard,
With a double standard that’s so hard to discard.
Women are judged and men are praised,
A double standard that is so crazed. 

Women in the media are often demeaned,
As men are given rights that are never seen.
The double standard is hard to ignore,
But it’s time for change, forevermore. 

Women are so much more than just a face,
And it’s time for the media to finally embrace.
In the media, women must be respected,
And their worth should never be neglected. 

It’s time to make a change, don’t be afraid,
Let’s break the double standard, so women can get paid.
Let’s help each other, and make it right,
And the double standard in the media will take flight.

Poem about Western media hypocrisy on World Cup 2022 in Qatar
A double standard so unforgiving,
The West’s hypocrisy on Qatar’s World Cup is living.
With criticism of labor and human rights,
The West shows no mercy in its fights. 

The unfairness is so clear to see,
As the West has double standards on the Qatar World Cup’s plea.
Russia’s and China’s World Cups were free,
But Qatar’s has been so harshly condemned by the West, you see. 

The West’s view of Qatar is in a box,
And this double standard is so hard to unlock.
The West’s view of Qatar is surely wrong,
As its people are so far from being gone. 

It’s time for the West to shift its stance,
And see Qatar’s people for their chance.
For the West to truly be fair,
It should lift its double standard and not be so unfair.

Chatsonic brands itself as a more real-time and up-to-date alternative to ChatGPT. Frankly speaking, while all this AI might be trending and “useful” tools, it can never replace the authenticity that you have in your own voice in writing.


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