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We live in a world where content is king, but nuances are short in supply.

The Breaking Silos Collective tackles this problem by raising awareness of cross-cultural experiences from different walks of life.

The world needs to break silos so that we can better communicate and collaborate with one another.

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Breaking Silos through Coffee Diplomacy Breaking Silos with Sofiah Jamil

I chat with Shaikh Fadilah Ahmad from Brunei who went from life with a diplomatic bag to coffee bags. Shaikh Fadilah served in Brunei's Ministry of Foreign Affairs for almost 30 years including a 5 year stint at the APEC Secretariat in Singapore and as Brunei Darussalam Ambassador to the Kingdome of Cambodia. Followi g his retirement, he pursued his passion for coffee, which he picked up during his overseas studies. He is currently the owner of Dil Coffee Trail Cafe, which serves artisan coffee and unique bakes. Hear what he has to say about breaking career and knowlwdge silos through coffee diplomacy!
  1. Breaking Silos through Coffee Diplomacy
  2. Breaking Career Silos: Transitioning to a Career in Social Impact
  3. Why Breaking Silos Matters.
  4. Breaking Silos for our disconnected world