I think globally.

I live and learn locally.

Breaking silos is my reality.


  • I asked Chatsonic to write poems about media hypocrisy. Here’s what I got. #ChatGPT

    Writing poems with AI ChatGPT Chatsonic on Media double-standards

  • Developing Intercultural Skills to Break Cultural Barriers in the Arab, African, Western, and Asian World

    The world is getting smaller and more connected every day. We are living in an era of globalization and it is becoming increasingly important to understand different cultures and how to communicate effectively with them. Communication is essential in order to create relationships, foster collaboration, and even build peace. Developing intercultural skills is essential for…

  • Top 5 Udemy courses to improve your communications skills and break silos

    1) Cross-Cultural Communication: How To Flex Your StyleAs someone who advocates the importance of breaking cultural silos, this course is definitely in my Top 5 favourites from Udemy. 2) Digital Diversity/Cyber-Citizen/Cross Cultural CommunicationA great complement to the first course as it focuses on communication in this digital age. 3) Leadership Communication Skills for Influence and…

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Sofiah is an ex-think tanker that turned to business for more “real-world” impact.