Jom masak-masak!

I just can’t get enough of Artichoke’s Beetroot Tzatziki. So I decided to make it myself!

Some beetroot mixed with a dollop of Greek yoghurt. And for the crunchy coating, I improvised with a mix of cashew nuts and homemade “bawang goreng” (fried onion – a staple garnishing found in many Malay households) nicely grounded in a mini “batu tumbuk”.

Beetroot doesn’t tickle too many tastebuds here in Singapore, but heck! I superlike!!!!

So there you have it, para penonton… Beetroot Tzatziki ala Melayu!



2 responses to “Jom masak-masak!”

  1. Doesn’t look that bad, actually! 🙂


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