Alamak! I missed Yam Ah Mee doing Bhangra!

So my aunt and I decided to make a random detour before some grocery shopping at Holland Village, and checked out the Circle Line Open House. Some would say that’s “So Singaporean” behaviour. “Free Ride and freebies, so must go!” If you were there during the Open House, you would have observed that this was not really the case. Singaporeans and non-Singaporeans from every walk of life (wheelchairs and baby prams included) were there – exploring the various stops, each with their own significance whether historical, recreational or just an area on this 712 sq km island that they had never been to before!

The eagerness to check out the Circle Line also reflects, I think, some sort of pride that we have for public space (well, most of us). Commuting on public transport is entrenched in the blood of your everyday Singaporean. And I have to say, as much as we complain about how crowded it gets at times or the increase in fares,  its still one of the best systems worldwide. In fact, the UAE had sought Singapore’s advice when embarking on their own train system in Dubai.

Aside from the easy connection to getting to Adam Road Hawker Centre and nature parks such as the Botanic Gardens and Labrador Park, it was nice to see a recognition of historic figures such as Lieutenant Adnan who demonstrated honour for our country till death.

Various Stations on the Circle Line

There was quite a bit of activity happening around the new MRT stations. Several dance performances from various community groups – ranging from Malay dance, Hip hop, Country line dancing and bellydance. There were also balloon sculptors and caricaturists to keep the kids amused, and a few pop quizes in creating more awareness of Singapore’s geography and history; Like how did Holland Village get its name, or what does ” Telok Blangah” mean?

Keeping Order

Alas, I didn’t stick around Holland Village long to watch our Returning Officer for the 2011 General and Presidential Elections  busting some bhangra moves! For a overview of the Circle Line Open House, check out this clip by RazorTV. Or if its just Mr Yam Ah Mee that you’re after, then see below 🙂


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