Veggies are good for you!

I’ve always loved my veggies. There have been a few veggies that have been quite iconic in my growing years.

Toddler days: Cauliflower

Teens/ Dorky Adolescent days : Broccolli

Undergrad days: Beetroot (AUSSIE, AUSSIE, AUSSIE! OI, OI, OI!)

Perhaps its this love for veggies that has made it slightly easier for me to progressively lay off some of my carnivorous habits. In the past few years, I have generally laid off red meat (though its hard to resist a good lamb briyani or beef rendang…. especially during Eid!).

The past couple of weeks, however, I’ve been thinking more and more about living on veggies. While I do love Indian vegetarian food and from time to time patronise the chinese vegetarian stall in NTU, it was only after a lunch meal of a paper thosai, beetroot, pumpkin masala paste and cabbage last week that made me think “Man, I think I can live on this stuff”. Maybe its still too early to tell, but a progressive way would I suppose be starting off as a pescetarian.

Possible? Perhaps.

In the mean time, I guess documenting the great veggie dishes I’ve been having so far, would help remind me of why veggies are good.

First stop, Mescluns Salad Bar.

OHMAIGAWD, I actually survived on a salad! Ok fine, with a pumpkin and ginger soup on the side.

Mescluns' Premium Meal

What I loved about Mescluns was the variety of stuff you could mix in your salads, such as brown rice, soba noodles, feta cheese, cranberries, various kinds of nuts and a range of unique salad dressings. Oh, and them fresh juices!

Second stop, The Hand Burger. Stuffing for this burger was spinach… mannn… it was filling!

Stuffed Portobello Mushroom Burger

Some of it has been rather sexy. Like this one:-

Chilled Stuffed Tomato. Wah!

Stuffing for this one was coleslaw. Absolute genius!

Yeah so, veggies are good for you. But they’re even better when they look oh-so fine.

Bland veggies are a thing of a past. So don’t be afraid.. your palates probably won’t have to suffer too much.


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