Top 5 Udemy courses to improve your communications skills and break silos

1) Cross-Cultural Communication: How To Flex Your Style
As someone who advocates the importance of breaking cultural silos, this course is definitely in my Top 5 favourites from Udemy.

2) Digital Diversity/Cyber-Citizen/Cross Cultural Communication
A great complement to the first course as it focuses on communication in this digital age.

3) Leadership Communication Skills for Influence and Impact
It’s not just for CEOs. We are all leaders in different aspects of our lives. Something we all can certainly benefit from.

4) Embracing a Culture of Feedback
Because communication isn’t just about talking. It’s also about listening, and being aware of how we respond to what we’ve listening to.

5) Difficult conversations: the complete guide
Definitely useful for both professional and personal settings. Reduce tensions and stress by picking these tips.

Know any other useful resources for improving communications skills? Let me know.

#breakingsilos #breaksilos


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