Life lessons from Football #1

News of 23 year old goalkeeper, Alexander Nübel’s departure from Schalke has been criticised by several sports commentators. Barely a year as Schalke’s captain and #1 goalkeeper, Nübel is choosing to move to Bayern Munich, where the odds of him actively playing and learning are close to zero. Like many other young players that were offered to move to the great Bayern Munich (read: $$$), he will be on the bench as the #2 goalkeeper, after Manuel Neuer. No games unless Neuer can’t play.

Had Nübel stayed in Schalke for a couple of years, the amount of experience gained of not only playing most Bundesliga games but also leading his team (both in winning and losing), is priceless. Nübel’s choice reminds me of some fresh graduates jumping at the chance to join a huge corporation but end up gaining limited opportunities to develop his/herself. Small teams/companies/organisations, on the other hand, are leaner and run faster, because everyone plays an important part.

What would you do if you were Nübel? Money and “fame”, or experience?


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