Driving Lessons

I can’t drive. Its been something that I’ve been putting off for the past 3 years. Nevertheless, there are lessons to learn from this.

Lesson #1: It’s natural for me to feel like a loser, since there’s a Toyota Rav 4 in the carpark that I could use at my disposal, if I felt like it. Convenient for weekend drives to Johor or late nights in Clarke Quay.

Lesson #2: It’s natural that I would be sweating buckets, as I take the 10 minute walk out to the train station under the sweltering sun, on days when I don’t have a ride out.

Lesson #3: It’s natural that I would be jumping into a taxi, because I felt lazy or was late for an appointment.

Lesson #4: It’s natural that I would be annoyed with taxi companies and their extra peak hour surcharges… especially that $3 CBD charge…. urgh!

Lesson #5: It’s natural to be waking up earlier only to be squeezing on buses and trains and trying to avoid being in the line of projection of someone who lets out a huge “AAHH CHOOO!”

Lesson #6: Despite it all, it’s natural for me to be optimistic about my situation…

I’m saving money.

I’m getting more exercise from walking than I normally would.

And most of all, I’m minimising my carbon footprint.

Had I driven, I guess I would be contributing to this.

What’s your carbon footprint  like? Find out here.


One response to “Driving Lessons”

  1. i really like the way you link your personal lessons learnt by not driving with the minimization of carbon footprint.
    in a small country like singapore, i actually do not believe that there is a huge difference in carbon footprint between driving and taking taxis/buses. I am not saying that its better to drive but it has its advantages.
    A key advantage would be the saving of time and you not getting tired by the journey. The greater productivity can translate to more time available for you to dedicate to the causes close to your heart.
    Also, I believe that a well-chosen car model will have less carbon footprint than a taxi in the same distance.

    Additionally, even if you do not plan to drive regularly, please do learn to drive. Driving is a skill that you will never know when u need it. Esp when u travel to countries where public transport isnt as good as Singapore, you will need to know to drive. Or you will be dependant on others who can drive.


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