In an International Women’s Day special on the Breaking Silos Podcast, Huda Hamid from Fempreneur Secrets dropped some truth bombs about pursuing business as a minority.

While we celebrate the great strides that women are taking every single day, it’s equally vital to acknowledge the persistent challenges that exist; even down to the sort of language that we think is “normal” to be used.

Huda also shared the important work that she is doing with her Fempreneur Academy, and also her new e-book on “The Art of Firing Your Boss”. Do check them out!

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A roundabout in Morocco, 15 km away from the Spanish occupied territory of Sebta.


1. Spain apparently tries to attract its citizens to settle in Sebta with higher paying jobs.

2. Interesting to see Border security on patrol, looking out for asylum seekers trying to cross in to Spain.

3. Surreal to see Fnideq’s main market.. where Morocco’s “mule women” bring the goods they transport in from Sebta.


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Beyond symbolic “feel good” environmental activities, there is much to learn and build on crises and traditional/cultural practices

In this piece,  I argued that what is lacking from existing environmental awareness campaigns, is the sustained experiential awareness of resource scarcity.

In the case of Singapore, given the fact that majority of residents start from a point of easy access to resources, they generally lack an acute experience of being without resources.

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